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Prof. Kate Arnold

University of York
YCEDE Project Lead and Dean of York Graduate Research School

For 20+ years, I have been working at the intersection of science, policy and regulation. As an academic in the UK and Australia, I have held a variety of positions including a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. Since joining the University of York in 2010, I have been studying the responses of animals to environmental and social perturbations, by collaborating widely across disciplines and working on a diversity of systems. My research group is currently investigating the effects of environmental change, including chemical contaminants and habitat management, on ecologically relevant endpoints in vertebrates. This involves integrating ideas and approaches from ecology, conservation physiology and ecotoxicology.

For my BSc (Hons), I studied Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia, UK. I completed my PhD in Zoology and first post-doctoral research position at the University of Queensland, Australia. Then I moved to the University of Glasgow as a researcher before joining the University of York. Currently, I am a Reader in Ecology in the Department of Environment and Geography.