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Dr. Asha Akram

University of Sheffield
WS3 Lead & Senior Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship)

I have over 10 years of experience in learning and teaching in Higher Education and I’m passionate about education, equality, diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing. I’ve held a number of key leadership roles and contribute to a wide range of committees across the institution. This enables me to positively influence strategic change, improve practices and influence policy.

I Co-chair the Race Equality Charter (REC) Advisory Board, supporting the University’s REC application. I lead discussions on sensitive topics in a supportive and inclusive manner and work collaboratively with all teams to drive this work forward. I also use my knowledge, experience and expertise to complete data analysis, present findings and review the impact on practices and policies. I serve on the Faculty EDI and Wellbeing Committee and on the Department EDI and Wellbeing Committee, contributing to developing strategy, monitoring equality and diversity matters and evaluating action and progress made in key areas of activity.

Throughout my career I have formally and informally mentored staff and PGRs in their own careers, something I find incredibly valuable and rewarding. As a young woman from a BAME background I have first hand experience of some of the challenges and barriers faced by minority groups. This has motivated me to play an active role in driving forward changes in the HE sector to improve access and enhance the experiences and career progression of individuals from marginalised groups. I approach all areas of my work with integrity, compassion and inclusion.