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Nausheen Hoosein

University of York
History of Art
From Umayyad Madinat al-Zahra to Almohad Seville: The Reuse of Architectural Spolia in al-Andalus during the 12th century

Nausheen Hoosein is a second-year PhD candidate working under the supervision of Dr Richard McClary. Her thesis examines architectural spolia in al-Andalus during the Umayyad and Almohad period. Nausheen brings a multidisciplinary background to YCEDE, with academic training in Political Science/Public Policy, Education/Teaching, Museums/Cultural Heritage and Art/Architecture. She is the recipient of the ARTES PhD scholarship and has received additional research grants from the Stapley Trust, Historians of Islamic Art Association, and the British Archaeological Association. Through and after her PhD, which focuses on Islamic art and architecture, Nausheen hopes to develop educational programming catered towards diverse audiences and to make art history accessible to groups traditionally disenfranchised from the cultural heritage sector.

Nausheen holds a MA in Art History from the University of Texas Dallas, a MA in Education from University College London, and a BA in Political Science from UCLA and has previously held roles in research, museums, and the education sector. In addition to serving as a YCEDE Scholars Board Member, she is a GTA in the History of Art Department and working towards the York Learning and Teaching Award.

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