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Anita Rutendo Chonzi

Sheffield Hallam University
Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences
The impacts of sensory gardens for people living with dementia

I am student from Sheffield Hallam University. My research project is an Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) which examines human experiences. In Consistence to my beliefs, IPA gives voice to those underrepresented. Becoming a student representative was the starting point. Representing those from my department. While m studying for a 4-year PhD and approaching my 3rd year. Being a student representative made me realise how those from the BAME group, especially doctorate students, face challenges within their career. I felt that so much could be done to improve or overcome these challenges. I thought being part of YCEDE (because of their vision to improve doctorate education from BAME), will provide the opportunity to support and raise awareness on how to improve education of doctorate students from BAME.