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Amirah Muhammad

University of York
Department of English and Related Literature
Contemporary Black British Speculative Fiction, the Afterlives of Empire and Black Futures

I graduated with a First in BA (Hons) BA English and American Literature from Goldsmiths, University of London, followed by an MA in Literary Studies: American Literature and Culture at the same institution. I am currently a doctoral researcher at the University of York, funded by the York Graduate Research School (YGRS) PhD Scholarship. My project explores Black British Speculative Fiction, arguing the genre uses Speculative Fiction tropes to represent the afterlives of empire, the contemporary complexities of Blackness, and Black access to futures.

I am excited to be a member of the YCEDE Scholars Board because the work represents an opportunity to combine my professional experience with my doctoral studies. I established my passion for social mobility, equality and university access by volunteering and working for education charities, and I look forward to creating more equal systems for accessing postgraduate education for future generations.