An undergraduate student and a researcher in a biology laboratory

Research internships

YCEDE are funding 32 PAID Research Internships across the consortium of universities each year, to give prospective PhD applicants from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds additional research experience.

The internships offer participants the opportunity to work as professional colleagues in partnership with academic staff, through carrying out independent research. Research interns can see whether they would like to pursue research as a career, and strengthen future applications for PhD programmes.

Interns are invited to apply for projects, which will be announced from January 2024 to April 2024 (dates vary across the partner universities) and will be advertised on this page. Project supervisors will select the preferred candidates, who will be invited to one of the YCEDE universities for a welcome and networking event in Summer 2024.

Our Research experience summer internships at Sheffield Hallam University are live and can be applied for here: Research experience summer internships at Sheffield Hallam University.

Our Research Internships at the University of Leeds are now live and can be applied for here: Research Internships at the University of Leeds

Applications open at 09:00 am on Monday 5th February and close at 09:00 am on Monday 11th March.

If you’d like to read more about internships, and the opportunities they can lead to, you can read Sophia’s story here.

Examples of Previous Research Placements

Understanding Race and Gender Disparities in School-Based Youth Violence

Supervisor: Nadia Jessop, School of Education, University of York

Exploring a world-leading archive of Caribbean and Black British writing

Supervisor: Sarah Prescott, University of Leeds Library Service

Creating a small footprint, low cost air quality monitor for indoor purposes

Supervisor: Vemanyu Beedasy, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield

Decolonisation of the Curriculum

Supervisor: Sam Furfani, Department of Chemistry, University of York

For more information about the internships in each partner university, please click on the links below.