New Fellowship Scheme for ECRs: Royal Society Career Development Fellowship

The Royal Society has launched a new Fellowships scheme for early career researchers (ECRs). The Career Development Fellowship is a 4-year postdoctoral research fellowship which aims to support the retention in STEM of researchers from underrepresented backgrounds. This first call, opening on 7 November and closing on 24 January, will be run as a pilot, with the potential to expand to a broader range of underrepresented communities in future calls.


Eligible researchers will:

  • Self-identify as being from a Black heritage including mixed Black background
  • Have a PhD or will have one by the time the funding starts
  • Have less than 24 months’ postdoctoral experience.

There are no eligibility rules based on nationality, and applicants do not need to currently study or work in the UK.

What the scheme offers

  • £690k over 4 years, to cover the Fellow’s salary, associated on-costs (80%), directly allocated costs (80%) and research expenses
  • A high-quality programme of training, mentoring and engagement to support career development
  • Flexibility to accommodate personal circumstances including part-time working
  • (If required) Relocation and visa costs for the Fellow and their dependents – this is in addition to the £690k funding

You can find out more by reading their scheme notes, FAQs and, for York students, getting in touch with the fellowship coordinators (