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My scholarship experience

My research is looking at how movement of a parasite called Leishmania mexicana is affected in environments of different viscosities. The parasite causes a disease called Leishmaniasis. It is a neglected tropical parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of the sandfly insect. We know that movement is important for this parasite to develop and become infective. Understanding how motility is affected by the parasite’s environment,  in this case by viscosity, will hopefully generate knowledge that will be useful in coming up with a disease management strategy.

I have a passion to work on parasites of medical importance, using cutting edge technologies to help understand their biology and help progress combative strategies. This passion informed my move from Kenya , where I was born and raised, to becoming a  UK citizen. Needless to say, the move came with a lot of challenges, but I did not give up on my dreams. Finally I was awarded a full scholarship by the York Graduate Research School to pursue my Masters by Research. This opportunity was very welcome.

The team at YGRS provided fantastic support throughout the entire process from the application stage all the way to settling into the University. They responded to my emails in a timely manner, answering all my concerns. Moreover, they hosted several events where I was able to interact with other scholarship holders and form a supportive community.

The Dean of YGRS, Professor Kathryn Arnold has gone above her call of duty to ensure that we scholars are progressing well academically as well as mentally.

The mentorship programme available to YGRS scholars in collaboration with YCEDE is definitely an added advantage to securing this scholarship.  

This scholarship plays an important role in providing an opportunity for people from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue graduate studies and not limit their dreams and passions. It has not been lost on me that there are very few people who look like me who have successfully navigated the world of graduate research and are able to offer support to others coming behind them. I do hope that by being a part of this great initiative as a girl with an African background will inspire others to pursue  their wildest dreams without limitations.

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