My Experience with the Advocacy Scheme by Uzunma Okezie-Udokwu

My journey with the YCEDE Advocacy Scheme started with meeting George Gisborne from the University of Leeds. He connected me with an advocate from the University of Sheffield.

Embarking on this journey with the Advocacy Scheme has been a transformative experience, enriching me both personally and professionally. I would like to share the experiences and insights that I gained through this journey.

The Beginning: Finding my cause

My entry into the advocacy scheme was driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference. I was writing a proposal for my PhD which is on “Teacher’s experiences in using assistive technology to support student’s with neurodisabilties in their educational journey in UK”.

Having come from a country where the rights and privileges of people with neurodisabilities or special education needs are not recognised I have been driven to make a difference where their rights are acknowledged, achieved and celebrated.

The Impact of the Advocacy Scheme on my doctoral proposal

The guidance and assistance I received were instrumental in helping me refine my research proposal.  I am pleased to share the positive experience to encourage other candidates. For those who are seeking help from the advocacy scheme, I highly recommend it. The support you will receive is not just about improving your proposal but will empower you as a researcher.

Here are a few reasons why you should participate:

Expert guidance

My advocate provided fresh insights and broadened my horizon. I was able to look at my topic from different perspectives, clarify, define my research objective ensuring that my proposal was focused and aligned with academic goals I set.

Enhanced writing skill

My adviser provided practical tips on improving the clarity and coherence of my writing which significantly enhanced the overall quality of my proposal.

Strengthen my argumentation

I received detailed feedback on how to strengthen my arguments and support them with robust evidence making my proposal more compelling.

Personalised feedback and transformative support

Through the advocacy scheme I received tailored feedback that significantly strengthened my arguments and provided robust evidence to support them. This personalised advice addressed addresses my specific needs and challenges, greatly improving the quality of my proposal and enhancing your chances in securing approval.

The positive encouragement and reinforcement I received boosted my confidence in my research ideas and ability to present them effectively.

This support was invaluable in preparing me for my upcoming PhD program, which I am excited to start this September.

In conclusion, participating in the advocacy scheme has been a transformative experience. I am immensely grateful for the support and highly encourage all doctoral candidates to take full advantage of this excellent resource.