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PhD funding opportunities

This page is constantly updated with the latest PhD funding opportunities for students from a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic background. If there is nothing here at the moment, then please check back later!

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Research internships

YCEDE are funding 32 PAID Research Internships across the consortium of universities each year, to give prospective PhD applicants from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds additional research experience. The internships offer participants the opportunity to work as professional colleagues in partnership with academic staff, through carrying out independent research. Research interns can see whether they would like to pursue …

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Meet the Team: Kate Arnold

by Nausheen Hoosein Hello everyone, my name is Professor Kate Arnold. I am currently Dean of York Graduate Research School (YGRS) and Professor of Ecology in the Department of Environment and Geography. Previously, I have served as the Head of EU exit strategy team (Resources and Waste Directorate, Defra); Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor (University of York); and completed Post-docs …

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My scholarship experience

My research is looking at how movement of a parasite called Leishmania mexicana is affected in environments of different viscosities. The parasite causes a disease called Leishmaniasis. It is a neglected tropical parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of the sandfly insect. We know that movement is important for this parasite to develop and become infective. Understanding how motility is …

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Meet the Team: George Gisborne

By Olivia Joseph I’m George, a PGR Diversity Officer at the University of Leeds. My job is to provide information, advice and guidance for people from minoritised backgrounds who want to access postgraduate research at Leeds and at the other YCEDE partner universities. The process of applying for a PhD is slightly different in each faculty at Leeds, and different …

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Affirmative Action in US Colleges: Learning Lessons from the Past to Build Inclusive Future

This world of ideal meritocracy is regrettably, a mirage. To assume we live in a ‘post-race’ or ‘colourblind’ society undermines the reality of many Black, Asian and racially minoritized people globally. But why bring up this uncomfortable truth? Because recognizing and confronting our societal shortcomings is crucial if we want to improve and grow. Despite the uncomfortable debates it ignites, …

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YCEDE team attends NEON’s Summer Symposium

Lucy Clague and Colin McCaig recently participated in NEON’s Summer Symposium held at the University of Exeter. As part of their attendance, they delivered a presentation focusing on the challenges faced in evaluating collaborative postgraduate widening participation programmes, drawing on their involvement in the YCEDE programme and other initiatives. Their paper was one of three presented within the session, that …

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Meet the Team: Paul Wakeling

My name is Professor Paul Wakeling. I am currently Head of the Department of Education at the University of York. In YCEDE, I lead work on the review of doctoral recruitment and selection criteria, and practices to improve racial equity. As a sociologist of education, with particular interests in higher education, I have been conducting this type of research for …

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Cultural Humility: A Core Skill for Inclusive Leadership in UK Higher Education

This is the first blog post from Ayo Barley – our new Chair of the YCEDE External Advisory Board. You can find out more about her work on the Bakare Barley website. Culture is an undeniable aspect of human interaction and plays a fundamental role in shaping our thoughts, behaviours, values, and beliefs. In a continually evolving and increasingly interconnected …

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My experience of undertaking a placement during my Masters

By Sophia Lambert In Summer 2022, I completed a research placement while studying a Master’s in Social and Cultural History at the University of Leeds. In October 2023, I will start my PhD, researching Bradford’s Jewish history. In this blog, I am going to share my experiences of completing a project placement during my Masters, including some of the benefits …